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    • 300 national melodies of the British Isles. Vol. 3 - 100. Irish airs / arranged for the piano forte by William Forde

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    • Prints Room. Ireland: Instrumental Music / A3 Binder (1)
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  • n.d.
    • Forde, William
  • Coolun, air
    Song of Sorrow, The, air =
    Sleep on, My Kathleen Dear, air
    Kitty Tyrrell, air =
    Blame Not the Bard, O, air
    Savourna Deelish, air =
    Exile of Erin, The, air
    Brown Thorn, The, air =
    Haste and Leave this Sacred Isle, O, air
    Summer is Coming, The, air =
    Rich and Rare, air
    Young Man's Dream, The, air
    My Lodging is on Cold Ground, air
    Eileen a Roon, air =
    Erin, the Tear and the Smile, air
    Groves of Blarney, The, air =
    Last Rose, The, air
    Lough Sheeling, air =
    Stricken Deer, The, air
    Fox's Sleep, The, air =
    When He Who Adores Thee, air
    Thamama Halla, air =
    I'm at Rest, air
    Old Head of Dennis, The, air =
    Meeting of the Waters, The, air
    Renardine, air
    Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow, The, air
    Croghan A Venee, air
    Sly Patrick, air =
    Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded, air
    McFarlane's Lamentation, air
    Open the Door, air
    In this Village there Lives a Fair Maid, air
    White Rocks, The, air
    Nora, My Treasure, air
    Charles McHugh, air
    Kitty Nowlan, air
    Gentle Maid, The, air
    We Brought the Summer With Us, air
    Green Woods of Truigha, air
    Count Not the Hours, air
    Blossom of the Raspberry, The, air
    Untitled, air =
    Leave Me to My Sorrow, Oh, air
    Patrick, Fly From Me, O, air
    Dermot, air
    Molly, My Dear, O, air
    Luggelaw, air
    Sixpence, The, air
    Blind Mary, air
    Sailor Loved a Farmer's Daughter, A, air =
    Song of Our Native Land
    Gramachree, air
    Moreen, The, air =
    Minstrel Boy, air
    Moll Roone, air
    Rose Tree, The, air
    Old Woman, The, air
    Maid of the Valley, The, air
    Dairy Girl, The, air
    Soldier's Greeting, The, air
    Old Langolee, air =
    Sing, Sing, Music was Given, air
    Moll Roe, air =
    One Bumper at Parting, air
    Curiskeen Lawn, air
    Kate Kearney, air
    Peggy Bawn, air
    Rose Without Rue, The, air
    Rose Connolly, air
    Sunday Morning, air
    Wheelwright, The, air
    Here beside Me, air =
    Where's the Slave so Lowly, air
    Rejected Lover, The, air
    Charles O'Reilly, air
    Fanny Power, harp piece
    Carolan's Receipt, harp piece
    Sweet Portaferry, air
    Cuckoo, The, air
    Red Fox, The, air =
    Remember the Glory, air
    Foggy Dew, The, air
    Untitled, air [luibin]
    Untitled, air [luibin]
    Untitled, air [luibin]
    Brown Iirsh Girl, The, air
    Untitled, air =
    Eveleen's Bower, air
    When the Wind Blows, air
    Paddy O'Rafferty, jig
    You Know I'm Your Priest, air =
    Wedding of Ballyporeen, The, air
    Paddy O'Carroll, jig
    Paddy's Resource, jig
    Planxty Kelly, air =
    Fly Not Yet, air
    Very Old Irish Jigg, A, jig
    Boy for Bewitching Them, The, air
    Garryowen, air
    St Patrick's Day, air
    Legacy, The, jig
    Sprig of Shillela, air
    Planxty Truine, air
    Paddy Whack, air
    Teddy You Gander, air =
    Tis Sweet to Think, air
    Planxty Connor, air
    Larry Grogan, air
    Hunt the Cat, air
    Jolly Ploughman, The, air
    Nora's Purse, air =
    Nora Kista, air
    Planxty Coote, air
    Kiss Me, Lady, air
    Southern Breeze, The, air =
    Why Should Not Poor Folk, air
    Is it the Priest You Want, air
    Jackson's Morning Brush, air
    Hurler's March, The, air
    Noch Bonin Shin Do, air =
    They May Rail at This Life, air
    New Langolee, air
    Bunch of Green Rushes, The, air
    Nora Creena, air
    Untitled, air =
    Drink to Her, air
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    • 34cm (pbk.)
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