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    • Irish minstrels and musicians : with numerous dissertations on related subjects / by Francis O'Neill

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    • 8639-BK
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    • Prints Room. Ireland: Music Studies / Box (1)
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  • 1913
    • O'Neill, Francis
  • Preface
    Authorities quoted
    List of illustrations
    Musical examples
    Bards and the Bardic Orders [article]
    Irish harpers in history, ending with the reign of Queen Elizabeth [article]
    The bagpipe, its antiquity and distribution [article]
    Pipers penalized in the 16th and 17th centuries [article]
    Famous harpers in the seventeenth and later centuries [article]
    Lord Mayo, air / [by] Thady Keenan
    Give me your hand, air / [by] Rory Dall O'Cahan
    Turloch O'Carolan and his times [article]
    Bridget Cruise, air / [by] Turlough Carolan
    The fairy queens, air / [by] Turlough Carolan
    Planxty O'Rouke, air / [by] Turlough Carolan =
    O'Rourke's noble feast, air/ [by] Turlough Carolan
    O'Carolan's devotion, air / [by] Turlough Carolan
    O'Carolan's receipt for drinking, air / [by] Turlough Carolan =
    Planxty Stafford, air / [by] Turlough Carolan
    O'Carolan's farewell, air / [by] Turlough Carolan
    O'Carolan's farewell to music, air / [by] Turlough Carolan
    Harpers of note : miscellaneous mention [article]
    Harpers at the Granard and Belfast meetings [article]
    Historical estimate of Irish music [article]
    Irish folk music : a precious heritage [article]
    Irish folk music waning [article]
    Irish folk music exemplified [article]
    The tossing of the hay, air
    Vilikins and Dinah, air
    Joe Bowers, air
    Willy Reilly, air
    My darling I am fond of you, air
    Margaret Sheehan, air
    A lullaby, or, Shuheen sho, air
    Crotty's lament, air
    Sarsfield's lamentation, air
    The lamentation of Owen Roe O'Neill, air
    The martyr's lament, air =
    The hanging song, air
    Lament for Rogers O'Neill, air
    The old women lamenting her purse, air
    If all the young ladies : a luibin air
    My fairhaired darling, air =
    Mo muirnin na gruaige baine, air
    Two row row Johnny will you now?, air
    Allistrum's march
    The goat's song, air =
    An cronan gabhair, air
    Dancing the baby, air
    The mummers', or, Droghedy march
    The development of traditional Irish music [article]
    The Irish fox hunt, air
    The fox hunt, air
    The fox chase : Tipperary version [air]
    The fox chase [air]
    The black bird, air
    The black bird, air
    Fagamaoid sud mar ata se, air =
    Let us leave that as it is, air
    The first of May, hornpipe
    Rodney's glory, air
    Rodney's glory : long-dance
    Young Roger was a plowboy, air
    Roger was a plowboy, hornpipe
    Get up early, march
    The rakes of Kildare, jig
    The Templehouse jig
    The Templehouse reel
    Jackson's morning brush, jig
    The unfortunate cup of tea, reel
    The cup of tea, reel
    Famous collectors of Irish music [article]
    The Irish piper in Irish life [article]
    Famous bagpipe makers [article]
    Reverend musicians [article]
    Gentlemen pipers [article]
    Larry Grogan, jig
    Famous performers on the Irish or union pipes in the eighteenth and early part of the nineteenth centuries [article]
    O'Connell's welcome to Clare / by Patrick Coneely [jig]
    Old times in Wexford and her famous musicians [article]
    Famous pipers who flourished principally in the second half of the nineteenth century [article]
    Pipers of distinction living in the early years of the twentieth century [article]
    Famous pipers : Miscellaneous Mention [article]
    Typical Highland pipers [article]
    The Irish fiddler [article]
    Sketches of some famous fiddlers [article]
    The flute and its patrons [article]
    Dancing a legitimate amusement [article]
    The rocks of Cashel [reel]
    The dancing master [article]
    Ancient Irish dances [article]
    The butchers' march, jig
    The planting stick, or, Bryan O'Lynn, jig
    The merry merchant [air] =
    Canny sugach [air]
    The lark in the morning [jig]
    Irish pipers in literature and other stories [article]
    Miscellanea [article]
    Irish revivals [article]
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    • 497 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. (bound)
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