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    • Dances of Donegal / collected by Grace Orpen

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    • 3496-BK
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    • Prints Room. Ireland: Dance / Box (1)
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  • 1931
    • Orpen, Grace
  • Foreword [article]
    The fairy reel, (air: Fairy dance)
    Fairy reel [article]
    Six handed duke [jig] (air: St Patrick's Day)
    Six handed duke [article]
    The Irish reel
    The Irish reel [article]
    A trip to the cottage [single jig] (air: The Quaker's wife)
    A trip to the cottage [article]
    Strasperry reel (air: Miss McCloud)
    Strasperry reel [article]
    The Irish national, or, Petticoat swish [jig] (air: Smash the windows)
    The Irish national, or, Petticoat swish [article]
    The waves of Tory [single jig] (air: A hundred pipers)
    The waves of Tory [article]
    Six handed reel (air: Paddy whack)
    Six handed reel [article]
    The 'pin' dance [single jig] (air: The young May moon)
    The pin dance [article]
    Shoe the donkey [dance]
    Shoe the donkey [article]
    Military two-step (air: Top of Cork Road)
    Military two-step [article]
    The highland (air: The girl I left behind me)
    The highland [article]
    The barn dance (air: Paddy McGinty)
    The barn bance [article]
    The corn rigs (air: Green grow the rushes O)
    The corn rigs [article]
    Berlin polky (air: Off she goes)
    Berlin polky [article]
    • Illustrations of various dance figures
Physical Description:
    • 31 p. : music in staff notation ; 28 cm. (pbk. bound by Archive)
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