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    • Ancient Irish music : comprising one hundred airs hitherto unpublished, many of the old popular songs, and several new songs / collected and edited by P.W. Joyce ; the harmonies by Professor Glover

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    • 3488-BK
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    • Prints Room. Ireland: Instrumental Music / Box (5)
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  • 1873
    • 1st
    • Joyce, P.W.
    • Glover, Professor
  • Preface
    The fairy king's courtship [song: music and words]
    The barley grain [jig]
    Slán beo = Farewell [air]
    An súiste buidhe [1] = The yellow flail [1] [air]
    An súiste buidhe [2] = The yellow flail [2] [air]
    The flannel jacket [reel]
    Hop jig [slip jig]
    Fáinne geal an lae = The dawning of the day [song: music and words]
    Banalanna = The ale woman [air]
    Crabs in the skillet [air]
    Och ochone [song: music and words]
    Maidin cheódhach nuair d'eirigheas = When I rose on a misty morning [song: music and words]
    fágamaoid sud mar atá sé = Let us leave that as it is [air]
    Aon is do na piobaireachta = The ace and deuce of pipering [set dance]
    ’Tis not your gold would me entice [song: music and words]
    [Untitled] [reel]
    I'm going to be married on Sunday [song: music and words]
    The summer is come and the grass is green [song: music and words]
    Kennedy's jig
    The mountains high [song: music and words]
    An cumhain leatsa an óidhce úd? = Do you remember that night? [air]
    Ceapach-dáinig = Cappadanig [song: music and words]
    The green bushes [air]
    [Untitled] [air]
    We are the boys of Wexford [air]
    Cheer up, cheer up, daughter [song: music and words]
    Lamentation [song: words only]
    Lamentation [air]
    Na mná deasa an Bhaile-locha-riabhach = The pretty lasses of Loughrea [air]
    Speir-bhean = The bright lady [air]
    The shanavest and caravat : a faction tune [air]
    Single jig [jig]
    Bealltaine = May day [hornpipe]
    Slán agus beannacht le buairidhibh a' tsaoghail = Farewell to the troubles of the world [air]
    Astoreen machree = O treasure of my heart [air]
    How do you like her for your wife? [song: music and words]
    Faghaim arís a' cruiscín as biodh sé lán = We'll take again a cruiskeen, a cruiskeen laun [air]
    The job of journeywork [set dance]
    Drahareen-o-machree = Little brother of my heart [song: music and words]
    The lovely sweet banks of the Suir [air]
    An ceó draoigheachta = The magic mist [air]
    The bag of meal [jig]
    The shamrock shore [song: music and words]
    The wee wee bag of praties [air]
    There was a bold beggarman [song: music and words]
    Ullulu mo mháilín = Alas, my little bag! [air]
    Be n-eirinn i = Whoe'er she be [song: music and words]
    Mór Chluana = More of Cloyne [air]
    The top of Cork road [jig]
    Roving Jack of all trades [song: music and words]
    Reynard the fox : a hunting song [song: music and words]
    [Untitled] [reel]
    Cumail a' mhailin = Rub the bag [set dance]
    Fead an iolair = The eagle's whistle [air]
    An ciarraigheacht malluighthe = The wicked Kerryman [song: music and words]
    Cold and rough the north wind blows [song: music and words]
    An tiocfadh tu a bhaile liom? = Will you come home with me? [air]
    Thaunalaw = It is day [air]
    King Charles's jig : a set dance [jig]
    Caoine : a keen or lament [air]
    Nelly my love and me [song: music and words]
    The croppy boy [song: music and words]
    Along with my love I'll go [song: music and words]
    In comes great Bonaparte [air]
    Bata na bplandaighe The planting stick [jig]
    Suantraidhe : lullaby [song: music and words]
    Fair maiden's beauty will soon fade away [song: music and words]
    The lowlands of Holland [song: music and words]
    The funny tailor : a set dance [set dance]
    Round the world for sport [jig]
    An cnuicín fraoigh = The knockeen-free = The heathy little hill [air]
    I’m a poor stranger and far from my own [song: music and words]
    Suantraidhe = lullaby [air]
    Come all you maids where'er you be [song: music and words]
    Captain Thomas [song: music and words]
    Suantraidhe = Lullaby [song: music and words]
    The Gorey caravan [air]
    Barbara Allen [air]
    Young Roger was a ploughboy [song: music and words]
    The field of hay [jig]
    No surrender [air]
    Tea in the morning : hop jig [slip jig]
    It is to fair England I'm willing to go [air]
    The game played in Erin-go-bragh [song: music and words]
    The blooming meadows [jig]
    Billy Byrne of Ballymanus [air]
    The little horse tied at a public house [air]
    Suantraidhe : lullaby [air]
    There was an old astrologer [song: music and words]
    Pretty Peggy [air]
    The boys of the town [jig]
    Bessie [air]
    Adieu lovely Mary [song: music and words]
    Strop the razor [jig]
    Billy the barber shaved his father [air]
    Dobbin's flowery vale [air]
    Una [air]
    The leprehaun [song: music and words]
    Mo ghradh bán a'm threigan = My fair love leaving me [air]
    The lake of Coolfin, or, Willy Leonard [song: music and words]
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    • [x], 104, 5 p. : music in staff notation ; 25 cm. (pbk. bound by Archive)
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    • Harmonies
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