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    • Traditional Irish airs : selected from Ceól ár sínsear, Ár gceól féinig, Sídh-cheól, and Songs of the Gael : words in Irish : airs in staff notation. Series 2. Part 1 / as collected and edited by P.A. Walsh ; arranged for two and three vocal parts with pianoforte accompaniments by Annie W. Patterson

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    • 3362-BK
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    • Library. Ireland: Songs in Irish / Walsh [Bound with Series 2, parts 1-4]
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  • 1925
    • Walsh, P. A.
    • Patterson, Annie W., arr.
  • Notes on the musical arrangements of Rev. Walsh's Gaelic songs, article
    Gleanntan Araiglin Aoibhinn, An [song: music and words]
    Pe 'n Eirinn I [song: music and words] (air: An Cailin Deas Ruadh)
    La Greine [song: music and words] (air: An Gamhain Geal Ban)
    Beannacht 's Buadh De [song: music and words]
    Maidin Aoibhinn tSamhraidh [song: music and words]
    Ceati Ni nEagra [song: music and words] (air: Slan Beo)
    Mna Mhin na Srona [song: music and words] (air: A Stoirin Mo Chroidhe)
    Bean na gCearc [song: music and words] (air: An Boithrin Buidhe)
    Madradh, An [song: music and words] (air: The Maid of Garryowen)
    Aisling Airt Mhic Chubhtaigh [song: music and words] (air: An Cailin Ruadh)
    Ban Chnoic Eireann O [song: music and words] (air: Uluchan Dubh O)
    Cois Tuinne [song: music and words] (air: Lovely Willy)
Physical Description:
    • [vii], 12 p. : music in staff notation ; 31 cm. (pbk. bound by Archive)
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Sheet Music Descriptor:
    • Arranged in two & three parts
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