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    • 19840-SR
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    • Library. Serials / Irish Dancing
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Publication Date:
  • 1998
  • Lord of the Dance, article
    Dance for Pudsey, A, article
    Clerkinworks Announce February Date, article
    Celebration Feis for Mauretta [Mauretta Armstrong], article
    New Feis Journals, article
    Save Our School, article
    Charity Feis, article
    Wilson, Mary: So You Want to Be in Riverdance the Show, article
    Tyler, Carrie: In Dublin's Fair City..., article
    New Olive Hurley Video, article
    Cullinane, Dr John: The Genesis of Irish Dancing, article
    Dr John Cullinane, article
    Michael Flatley, article
    James Keegan on the Ball in More Ways Than One, article
    Ann Richens of the Richens Timm Academy, article
    Doyle, Carmel: A Letter from South Australia, article
    Blake, Tom: A Letter from Tom Blake in Canada, article
    It's Perth for 98, article
    G'day From Whyalla [Marion Haines], article
    Donegal Dancer [Lauren Harkin], article
    Irish Dancing Listings, article
    Feis Dates 1998, article
    • Joanne Doyle [photograph]
    • Michael Flatley [photograph]
    • Mauretta Armstrong [photograph]
    • Odette Cullen and Laura Lynch [photograph]
    • Colin Dunne [photograph]
    • Riverdance Troupe [photograph]
    • Phoebe O'Donoghue [photograph]
    • Bernadette Chainey [photograph]
    • Catherine Lynch [photograph]
    • Kelly Jo Hall and Sandra Hall [photograph]
    • Katie Juckes [photograph]
    • Ciaran Dillom [photograph]
    • Maria Kirby [photograph]
    • Kirsty Ngun [photograph]
    • Laura Hawthorne [photograph]
    • Claire O'Neill [photograph]
    • Emma Muldowney and Nicola Robinson-Morgan [photograph]
    • Claire Cole [photograph]
    • Khali Davies [photograph]
    • Unidentified Dancers [photograph]
    • James Keegan [photograph]
    • James Keegan and Brendan de Gallai [photograph]
    • Ann Richens, Nicole Rankin and John Timm [photograph]
    • Marion Haines and the Whyalla School of Irish Dancing [photograph]
    • Illustration: Unidentified Irish Dancer by Florence Arnold
    • Lauren and Charmaine Harkin [photograph]
Physical Description:
    • Serial
Vol Issue:
    • Vol 1, No 1
Serial Date text:
    • January/February 1998
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