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Serial Issue
ITMA Reference:
    • 19631-SR
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Archive Location:
    • Library. Serials
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Publication Date:
  • 1968
    • Byrne, Sean, ed.
  • Our Rebel Songs [article]
    Troy, Eamonn: Buying a Guitar [article]
    Bailey, Sid: Sid Bailey on Jazz [article]
    Which Way [Emmet Spiceland]? [article]
    Folk Fans Forum [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: Folkwise [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: Jim McCann, Tribune [review] [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: The Johnstons, Target [review] [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: Emmet Spiceland, Inset [review] [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: The Three Coins, Target [review] [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: The Pattern [review] [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: Cathleen Eatkins/Deirdre O'Callaghan, Pye [review] [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: Johnny McEvoy, Target [review] [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: Tony Loughnane, Major Minor [review] [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: Dlly McMahon, Major Minor [review] [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: Wolfe Tones, Fontana [review] [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: Mick Tracey, Pye [review] [article]
    O'Grady, Gerard: Father Brenan McCarthy, Fontana [review] [article]
    McCarthy, Sean: Traveling Folk [article]
    Informally at Liam Clancy's [article]
    Bridin Gilroy [article]
    Maid on the Mountain [song: music and words]* (air: The Munster Cloak)
    Waxies Dargle [song: music and words]
    Murphy's Volunteers [song: music and words]
    Croghan Hill [song: music and words]
    Henry My Son [song: music and words]
    Gentle Brideen [song: music and words]
    A Spailpin a Riuin [song: music and words]
    Shannon, Tony: The Irish Bard O'Carolan [article]
    Connealy, Terence: The Rebel Bard [article]
    Books Reviewed by Sean Byrne [article]
    Dylan Is Back [article]
    Cahill, Fergus: The Heart of Irish Music? [article]
    Dublin Charachter [Christy Geoghan], A [article]
    Paddy Reilly [article]
    Gormley, Mattie: Folk at Home: Mattie Gormley Reports from Galway [article]
    Monaghan, Vic: ...And Away: The Folk Scene in Jersey Today [article]
    Wynne, Jim: Folk Scotland [article]
    Ryan, Maureen: Folk News from England [article]
    • Emmet Spiceland [photograph]
    • Donal Lunny [photograph]
    • Brian O Broin [photograph]
    • Mici O Broin [photograph]
    • Gerard O'Gardy [photograph]
    • The Weavers [photograph]
    • Liam Clancy [photograph]
    • Bridin Gilroy [photograph]
    • Dolly McMahon [photograph]
    • Illustration: Brendan Behan
    • Christy Geoghan [photograph]
    • Paddy Reilly [photograph]
    • Mattie Gormley [photograph]
    • The O'Dowd Sisters [photograph]
    • The Aran Folk [photograph]
    • Trevor Lucas [photograph]
Physical Description:
    • Serial
Vol Issue:
    • Vol 1, No 5
Serial Date text:
    • 1968
Geographical Location:
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