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    • Hugh Shields Collection. Reel-to-Reel 51 [sound recording] / [various performers]

Sound Recording
ITMA Reference:
    • 1051-ITMA-REEL
Material Type:
Archive Location:
    • DCS 113-D -- 1051a-ITMA-REEL/CDR
Creation Location:
    • Recorded in the house of Eddie Butcher, Aughil, Magilligan, Co. Derry, 19 July 1969 [tracks A1–4]
    • Recorded in the house of Michael O’Hara (age about 60), Tartnakelly, Glack, Limavady, Co. Derry, from Mrs Lizzie O’Hara, 20 July 1969 [tracks A5–7]
Creation Date:
    • 19 July, 1969
    • 20 July 1969
Catalogue Number:
    • HS 6915
    • 1051a-ITMA-REEL/CDR on-site copy: 4255 2237 3395
    • 1051a-ITMA-REEL/CDR off-site copy: 3156 2112 6259
    • 1051a-ITMA-REEL/CDR user copy: SA426B 0700180
    • 1051a-ITMA-REEL/CDR donor copy: SA426B 0703180
    • Quigley, Bill
    • Butcher, John
    • Quigley, Tilly
    • O' Hara, Michael
    • O' Hara, Lizzie
    • Shields, Hugh, collector
Track A:

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    1. A lady walked in her father’s garden [= Seven years since I had a sweetheart ], song [resumed from 6914] / Bill Quigley, singing in English [session continued from  6914]
    2. The jigging at the wake (‘Oh, as we were coming home by the glimmering of the moon...’), song [fragment of one verse] / John Butcher (of  Drumavalley), singing in English
    3. The shores of America (‘I am a sporting Irish boy now far across the foam...’), song / John Butcher, singing in English
    4. Song: I’ve been a servant girl now (‘I’ve been a servant girl now this fourteen years and ten...’), song / Tilly Quigley, singing in English [session continued on 6916]
    5. [The hillman]  ('In steps the Connaughtman and in steps me'), song [fragment of one verse]  / Mick O'Hara, singing in English
    6. [The hillman] ('In steps the Connaughtman and in steps me'), song [different fragment of one verse] / Lizzie O'Hara, singing in English
    7. Killyburn Brae (‘There was an oul’ man on the Killyburn Brae, song [learned from record of Richard Hayward] / Lizzie O'Hara, singing in English [session continued on 6903] [END OF BAND ONE]
Physical Description:
    • 1 sound tape reel : analog
    • Indexes provided by Hugh Shields, see related ephemera
    • Carton: `UFM / 69/15 / MASTER / songs / ballads / co. Derry'
    • Spool: `MASTER / 69/15'
Commercial Y/N:
  • Non-commercial Sound Recordings
Geographical Location:
Collection Title:
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    • 877-ITMA-MP3
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