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    • ITMA field recording of Aidan O'Hara interview [videorecording] / [various performers]

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Archive Location:
    • V:\ITMA video field recordings\255500-255599\255533
Publisher Location:
    • Performer and Irish Traditional Music Archive
Creation Location:
    • Aidan O'Hara residence, Longford
Creation Date:
    • 29 November 2017
    • O'Hara, Aidan, collector
    • Draisey-Collishaw, Rebecca, interviewer
    • Doyle, Brian
Track A:
  • An interview with Aidan O'Hara about the collecting work he did in the Cape Shore region of Newfoundland during the 1970s. He discusses:

    • motivations for moving to St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
    • his first visit to the Cape Shore and the influence of Galway-born historical geographer John Mannion
    • his interest in the people, oral culture, and Irish connections of the Cape Shore
    • recording equipment and tape shortages with implications for the quality of recordings
    • Caroline Brennan (c. 00:26:00)
    • Albert Roche and learning songs from the radio (c. 00:29:00)
    • Frankie Nash and learning songs from Newfoundlanders who went away (c. 00:30:00)
    • Ellen Emma Power and Irish language traditions (c. 00:34:00)
    • Dermot and Rita Roche (c. 00:34:30)
    • Communities of the Cape Shore (c. 00:45:00)
    • James Connors (c. 00:52:00)
    • Collectors of Newfoundland song (c. 00:59:00)
    • Collecting with folklorist Kenneth Goldstein with the support of a Canada Council grant (c. 01:01:00)
    • The outcomes of his collecting in Newfoundland (c. 01:07:00)
Physical Description:
    • 1 computer file (MP4, 1 hr., 21 min., 24 sec.) : digital, stereo
Running Time:
    • 1 hr., 21 min., 24 sec.
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  • Non-commercial Sound Recordings
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  • 1298742
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