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    • The easiest dance tunes from Newfoundland and Labrador / compiled and transcribed by Christina Smith

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ITMA Reference:
    • 28777-BK
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Archive Location:
    • Library. Canada: Instrumental music / Smith
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Publication Date:
  • 2006
    • 0978149017
    • Christina Smith 2006
    • Smith, Christina
  • Mussels in the Corner [air]
    Gerald Campbell's Tune [air]
    Auntie Mary [air]
    She said She Couldn't Dance [air]
    Coming from the Races [air]
    I Got a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue [air]
    Herb Reid's Tune [square dance]
    Now I'm 64 [waltz]
    Joey Clements [air]
    Ruby's Garden [air]
    Mrs Belle's Lancers Tune [air]
    Minnie White's Single [polka]
    Cyril Foote's Single [air]
    Harbour Buffett Tune [air]
    Banker's Tune [air]
    Up to See Grandma [air]
    Fire on the Mountain [air]
    Advance [square dance]
    Good Old Tune [air]
    Pretty Little Mary [air]
    Placentia Bay Double[ jig]
    Kitty's Rambles [air]
    Chain [square dance]
    Francois Dance Tune [air]
    Oh Dear Mother [air]
    Form a Line from Bill Jone's Aquaforte Set [square dance]
    Coady's Triple [hornpipe]
    Sidney Pittman's Tune [air]
Physical Description:
    • iv, 57 p. : music in staff notation ; 14 x 22 cm. (pbk.)
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