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    • The Irish in North America : a regional bibliography / Seamus P. Metress and Donna M. Hardy-Johnston

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    • 18325-BK
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    • Library. United States of America: Bibliography, Discography, Catalogues, Directories, Guides / Metress
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  • 1999
    • 0888350090
    • Seamus Metress and Donna M. Hardy-Johnson 1999
    • Metress, Seamus P.
    • Hardy-Johnston, Donna
  • Contents [article]
    Introduction [article]
    Part I. The Irish in the United States
    The Irish in America [article]
    The process of Irish emigration [article]
    The Irish in New England [article]
    The Irish in New York [article]
    The Irish in the middle Atlantic states [article]
    The Irish in the south [article]
    The Irish in the midwest states [article]
    The Irish in the far west [article]
    Part II. The Irish in Canada
    The Irish in Canada [article]
    The Irish in Ontario [article]
    The Irish in Quebec [article]
    The Irish in the Maritimes [article]
    The Irish in Newfoundland [article]
    The Irish in the west and north [article]
    Biography [article]
    Fenianism [article]
    Orangeism [article]
    Appendix I. Locating items in this and other bibliographies [article]
    Appendix II. The Irish in the US and Canada : a bibliographic introduction [article]
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    • viii, 227 p. ; 24 cm. (bound)
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