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    • Newfoundland & Labrador Folklore: A Sampler of Songs, Narrations, And Tunes [sound recording]

Sound Recording
ITMA Reference:
    • 19685-CD
Material Type:
Archive Location:
    • Commercial Sound Recordings Room. Oversized CDs: Box (1)
Publisher Location:
Publication Date:
  • 2006
Creation Location:
    • Various
Creation Date:
    • A1, 26 recorded 8/3/1981
    • A2, 4 recorded 12/11/1981
    • A3 recorded 19/2/1976
    • A5 recorded 24/2/1994
    • A6 recorded 13/6/1977
    • A7 recorded Summer 1960
    • A8 recorded Autumn 1971
    • A9 recorded June 1960
    • A10, 11 no recording date
    • A12 recorded 5/8/1978
    • A13 recorded 24/8/1966
    • A14 recorded 30/8/1966
    • A15 recorded March 1979
    • A16, 21, 25 recorded July 1960
    • A17 recorded 12/8/1969
    • A18 recorded 28/2/1976
    • A19 recorded 30/12/1980
    • A20 recorded 1/9/1972
    • A22 recorded 6/8/1978
    • A23 recorded 12/11/1994
    • A24 recorded 1/9/1966
    • A27 recorded 26/7/1978
Catalogue Number:
    • [No catalogue number]
    • Beanland, Kevin, guitar A26; singing in English A1
    • Murphy, Blanche, singing in English A2, 16
    • Nash, Frankie, whistle A3
    • Power, John Thomas, speech in English A4
    • Brodie, George, singing in English A5
    • Green, Annie, singing in English A6
    • Unidentified, speech in English A7
    • Benoit, Emile, fiddle A8
    • Eustis, Rose, singing in English A9
    • MacArthur, Allan, singing in Scots Gaelic A10; speech in English A10
    • White, Minnie, accordion A11; mandolin A20
    • Meaney, Mike, singing in English A12
    • Hutchings, Martha, singing in English A13; speech in English A13
    • Guinchard, Rufus, fiddle A14
    • Colbert, Francis, speech in English A15
    • Masters, Malcolm "Mack", singing in English A17
    • Byrne, Linda (Slade), singing in English A18
    • White, William (Billy), singing in English A19
    • Trimm, Stanley, singing in English A21
    • English, John Joe, singing in English A22
    • Felix, Bernard, accordion A23
    • Walters, Annie, singing in English A24; speech in English
    • Letto, Peter, singing in English A25; speech in English A25
    • Barter, Elizabeth, singing in English; singing in French A27
    • Peter Narvaez, producer
Track A:
  • Song: The Gypsum Men
    Song: The Valley of Kilbride
    Polka: Rakes of Mallo
    Story: Romeo and Juliet
    Song: Maggie May
    Song: Why Don't Father's Ship Come in?
    Story: Dogsled Tall Tale
    Reel: Joe Smallwood's Reel
    Song: The Gay Spanish Maid
    Song: Oran an Tombaca (The Tobacco Song)
    Reel: MacDonald's Reel
    Song: Tom Tobin's Dickybird
    Speech: Introduction; Song: Little Dickie Melburn
    Jig: Haste to the Wedding
    Poem: Job's Cove Rock
    Song: The Droving Song
    Song: The Girl from the West Country
    Song: Lost Jimmy Whelan
    Song: Twin Lakes
    Reel: Saint Anne's Reel
    Song: The Army Song
    Song: John Reilly
    Instrumental piece: The American Cake Walk
    Speech: Introduction; Song: The Bird Rocks
    Song: St. John's Girl
    Reel: Down East Pickin'
    Song: Catherine a Passe par Ici
    • Kevin Beanland [photograph]
    • Emile Benoit [photograph]
    • George Brodie [photograph]
    • Linda Slade Byrne [photograph]
    • Rufus Guinchard [photograph]
    • Allan MacArthur [photograph]
    • Mack Masters [photograph]
    • Blanche Murphy [photograph]
    • Annie Walters [photograph]
    • Minnie White [photograph]
    • William White [photograph]
Physical Description:
    • 1 sound disc ; digital, stereo ; 4 3/4 in.
    • Notes on recording by Peter Narvaez
    • Notes by Justin Partyka and Jessica Grant
    • Notes on material
    • Notes on artists
    • Notation of songs on insert
    • Song words on insert
    • 2006 Memorial University of Newfoundland
Commercial Y/N:
  • Commercial Sound Recordings
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