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    • Folklore studies in honour of Herbert Halpert : a festschrift / edited by Kenneth S. Goldstein and Neil V. Rosenberg ; with the assistance of Ronald E. Buehler, Sonia Paine and Leslie Prosterman

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    • 36791-BK
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    • Special Collections Room. International: Folklife and Culture / Halpert
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  • 1980
    • 0889010196
    • 1st
    • c1980 Memorial University of Newfoundland
    • Goldstein, Kenneth S., ed.
    • Rosenberg, Neil V., ed.
  • Dedication
    Herbert Halpert: A Biographical Sketch / Neil V. Rosenberg
    The works of Herbert Halpert: a classified bibliography / Neil V. Rosenberg
    Riddles which tell stories / Roger D. Abrahams
    The source of the sea bishop / Frederick D. Aldrich
    Growing up in a folklore-deprived community / Ernest W. Baughman
    Dying traditions and popular substitutions / Samuel P. Bayard
    The bequia whale complex / Horace Beck
    A Codroy Valley milling frolic / Margaret Bennett
    Forty years later : Maude Karpeles in Newfoundland / Carole Henderson Carpenter
    Folkore as fiction : the writings of L. M. Montgomery / Joyce-Ione Harrington Coldwell
    Collecting songs of Nova Scotia blacks / Helen Creighton
    The reception of the British folklorists, or, have you read the great team / Richard M. Dorson
    The European background of American miner's beliefs / Lydia Fish
    "Blind MacNair": a Canadian short story and its sources / Edith Fowke
    Some thoughts on threatening children / A. E. Green
    "Padepissers and wekschisssers": a folk medical inquiry into the cause of styles / Wayland D. Hand
    Proverbs as table decoration motifs / J. W. Hassell, Jr.
    Glascune and drumlochy / Hamish Henderson
    The ballad of "John Ladner" / Edward Ives
    The raison d'etre of some local legends / William Hugh Jansen
    Christmas mumming in England: the house-visit / Martin J. Lovelace
    George Sturt and his village: toward alternative views of English folkloristics / Gerald L. Pocius
    From edda and saga to ballad: a troll bridge / W. Edson Richmond
    "It was a kind of hobby": a manuscript song book and its place in tradition / Neil V. Rosenberg
    Some sources of Afro-American innovation: an exercise in geoaethetics / John F. Szwed
    Other worlds : folktales and soap opera in Newfoundland's French tradition / Gerald Thomas
    Form and function in traditional explanations of weather phenomena / J.D.A. Widdowson
    The early American influence on narrative songs in Ireland / D. K. Wilgus
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    • x, 395 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. (pbk.)
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