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    • Irish Jigs and Reels for the Piano Accordion

Printed Material
ITMA Reference:
    • 18363-BK
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Archive Location:
    • Library. Ireland: Instrumental Music / Gaviani
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Publication Date:
  • 1936
    • O. Pagani 1936
    • Gaviani, Frank, arr.
      Happy Soldiers, jig
      Come Haste to the Wedding, jig
      Paddy Carey, jig
      Cowboys' Reel
      Highland Fling
      Irish Washerwoman, jig
      May-Pole Dance, air
      Emigrant's Reel
      Emerald Isle, The, jig
      Campbells Are Coming, jig
      Old Crow, reel
      Straight jig
      Cruukeen, reel
      Reap the Flax, air
      Smash the Window, jig
      St Patrick's Day in the Morning, jig
      Triple Jig
      Stack of Barley, reel
      Widow Machree, jig
      Wind That Shakes the Barley, reel
      Flowers of Edinburgh, hornpipe
      Pop Goes the Weasel, reel
      Soldiers Joy, hornpipe
      Irishman's Heart to the Ladies, An, jig
      Shule Shule Agrah, reel
      Ancient Jig, An, jig
      McDonald's Reel
      Fischer's Hornpipe
      Buck and Wing Dance, air
      Peeler's Jacket, reel
      Patrick's Pot, jig
      Rickett's Hornpipe
      Garry Owen, jig
      Old English Dance, air
      Speed the Plow, air
      Irish Lilt, jig
      Liverpool Hornpipe
      Arkansas Traveler, air
      Hundred Pipers, The, air
      Rory O'More, jig
      Humors of Bundon, The, jig
      Lady Gordon, strathspey
      Miss McLeod's Reel
      Off She Goes, air
      Circle, jig
      Connaught-Man's Rambles, jig
      Devils among the Tailors, reel
      Moonlight Clog, air
      Larry O'Gaff, jig
      Shoemakers' Dance, air
      Low Backed Car, jig
      Highland Fling
      Pretty Girl Milkin' Her Cow, jig
      Rocky Road to Dublin, jig
      Devil's Dream, hornpipe
      Favorite Clog, air
      Royal Irish, jig
      Ace of Diamonds, air
      Kerry Dance, jig
      Money Musk, reel
      Shamrock, jig
      Flogging Reel
      Joys of Wedlock, jig
      High Steppers, jig
      Blackberry Blossom, reel
      Bonnie Dundee, jig
      Rakes of Mallow, The,
      Silver Bells Clog, air
      Drops of Brandy, jig
      Barney's Goat, air
      Kitty of Coleraine, jig
      Stop Buck or Jig
      Salamanca Reel
      Swallow-Tail, jig
      Highland Skip, The, strathspey
      Molly Brallaghan, reel
      Kitty O'Neil, jig
      Fireman's Reel
      Humors of Castle Comber, The, reel
      Country Dance, A, air
      Highland Fling
      Old Reel, An, reel
      Champion, jig
      Rakes of Kildare, The, jig
      King Charles Jig
      Patrick Was a Gentleman, jig
      Sprig of Shellelagh, The, jig
      Durang's Hornpipe
      Turkey in the Straw, air
      Dick Sand's Honrpipe
      Paddy Whack, jig
      Sailor's Hornpipe, air
      Cup of Tea, reel
      Bridge of Lodi, hornpipe
      Alistair mcAllister, highland fling
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    • (pbk.)
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