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    • Hugh Shields Collection. Reel-to-Reel 65 [sound recording] / [various performers]

Sound Recording
ITMA Reference:
    • 1065-ITMA-REEL
Material Type:
Archive Location:
    • DCS 115-D -- 1065a-ITMA-REEL/CDR
Creation Location:
    • Recorded from Anton McGinley (aged about 60), his daughters Josie and Sarah (Sally), and his sons Eddie and Martin (8) in their house at Balliness, Falcarragh, Co. Donegal, 23 August 1969 [tracks 1–6]
Creation Date:
    • 23 August 1969
Catalogue Number:
    • HS 6929
    • 1065a-ITMA-REEL/CDR on-site copy: 4255 2237 3416
    • 1065a-ITMA-REEL/CDR off-site copy: 3156 2112 6265
    • 1065a-ITMA-REEL/CDR user copy: SA426B 0341980
    • 1065a-ITMA-REEL/CDR donor copy: SA426B 0577780
    • McGinley, Josephine
    • McGinley, Martin
    • McGinley, Eddie
    • McGinley, Anton
    • McGinley, Sarah (Sally)
    • Shields, Hugh
Track A:
    1. The nobleman’s wedding [=Another man’s wedding] (‘Once I was invited to a nobleman’s wedding...’), song [learnt from her brother’s wife, last verse incomplete] / Josie McGinley, singing in English [session continued from 6928]
    2. My navvy boots on (‘I’m a bold Irish navvy and I work on the line...’), song, / Martin McGinley, singing in English
    3. Paddy’s green shamrock shore [=Greencastle shore] (‘From Derry quay we sailed away bound for America...’), song / Eddie McGinley, singing in English
    4. Brian O’Linn (‘Oh, Brian O’Linn had a daughter to wed...’) , song / Eddie McGinley, singing in English
    5. The Lagan canawl (‘The fourteenth of October was the day that we set sail...’) , song [learnt from his uncle] / Anton McGinley, singing in English
    6. My bonny Irish boy (‘His name I will not mention, in Ireland he was born...’), Sally McGinley, singing in English [session continued on 6930]  [END OF BAND ONE]
Physical Description:
    • 1 sound tape reel : analog
    • Indexes provided by Hugh Shields, see related ephemera
    • Carton: `UFM / 69/29 / MASTER / songs / co. Donegal'.
    • Spool: `MASTER 69/29'
Commercial Y/N:
  • Non-commercial Sound Recordings
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