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    • RTÉ recordings of Ceolta Tíre programme inserts [sound recording] / [various performers]

Sound Recording
ITMA Reference:
    • 10420-RTE-WAV
Material Type:
Archive Location:
    • Audio\non-commercial sound recordings\RTE-ITMA project\10400-10499\10420-RTE-WAV\
Creation Location:
    • Co. Kerry, A8-16
    • Listowel, Co Kerry, A17-18
    • Gneeveguilla, Co Kerry, A19-26
Creation Date:
    • November 1956
    • December 1955
    • 29 June 1955
    • MacMathúna, Ciarán, [speech in English]
    • White, Aggie, fiddle
    • Moloney, Eddie, flute
    • Donoghue, John, accordion
    • O'Connor, Kit, accordion
    • O'Leary, Joe, fiddle
    • Burke, Paddy, fiddle
    • Ó Cualann, Stiofan, melodeon
    • Haverty, Paddy, fiddle
    • Molloy, Tony, instrumental
    • The Ballinakill Céilí Band, The, instrumental group
    • McCarthy, Jerry, fiddle
    • The Star of Munster Céilí Band, instrumental group
    • Clifford, Julia, fiddle
    • Murphy, Denis, fiddle
    • Hartnet, John Joe, flute
    • Clifford, John, piano accordion
    • Canavan, Mrs, singing in English
    • Keane, John, speech in English
    • O'Sullivan, Con, fiddle
    • O'Keeffe, Pádraig, fiddle
    • Cronin, Dan, recorder
    • O'Connell, Noreen, piano
    • Spillane, Johnny, engineer
    • Mac Mathúna, Ciarán
Track A:
      Reel: Untitled (start time 0'00"; duration 1'54") [with v/o]
      Speech: Link; Reel: Reavy's Reel [Hunter's House] (start time 2'00"; duration 1'55")
      Jigs: Jackson's Morning Brush, The Rambling Pitchfork (start time 4'04"; duration 2'16")
      Speech: Link; Reels: Untitled, Untitled (start time 6'28"; duration 2'22" + applause)
      Speech: Lin; Jigs: The Newtown Jig, The Killimer Jig (start time 8'58"; duration 2'18")
      Speech: Link; Reels: The Bag of Potatoes, Roaring Mary (start time 11'24"; duration 2'23")
      Speech: Link; Reels: The High Reel, The Skylark (start time 13'55"; duration 1'21")
      Reels: McDermott's Reel, The Kerry Reel (start time 15'22"; duration 2'24")
      Jigs: Go to the Devil, Gillian's Apples (start time 17'52"; duration 3'38")
      Hornpipes: Flowers of Spring, O'Donovan's Hornpipe, Castle Bernard (start time 21'40"; duration 3'23") [dropout]
      Reels: The Magpie's Nest, Untitled (start time 25'08"; duration 1'19") [fades]
      Reel: The Ewe Reel (start time 26'34"; duration 1'45")
      Reel: Farewell to Ireland (start time 28'33"; duration 1'41")
      Reel: Toss the Feathers (start time 30'11"; duration 1'39")
      Reels: The Dawn, Peter Street (start time 31'56"; duration 2'20") [tape flutter]
      Reels: Touch Me If You Dare, The Honeymoon (start time 34'22"; duration 1'28")
      Speech: Link; Song: The Banks of the Nile (start time 35'55"; duration 4'18")
      Song: Caroline from Edinburgh Town (start time 40'25"; duration 3'42")
      Reels: The Morning Star, Durang's Reel (start time 44'18"; duration 1'52")
      Jig: Untitled [Sheehan's Jig] (start time 46'19"; duration 1'08")
      Slow air: Spailpín a Rúin (start time 47'34"; duration 1'59")
      Reel: The New Mown Meadow (start time 49'41"; duration 1'46")
      Jigs: Cucanandy, Mount Collins Jig (start time 51'32"; duration 2'13")
      Jig: The Humours of Dingle (start time 52'53"; duration 1'37")
      Reel: Colonel Fraser (start time 55'35"; duration 1'47")
      Reel: Untitled (start time 57'28"; duration 1'17") [fragment - tape runs out] ENDS AT 58'40"
Physical Description:
    • 26 computer files (WAVE files) : digital, stereo
    • Spoken information on tape
    • Field notes on tape box
    • RTÉ
Commercial Y/N:
  • Non-commercial Sound Recordings
Geographical Location:

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